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Expert Analytics Setup & Management

Data & Analytics are genuinely at the heart of everything we do for our clients at Web Method.

Audit & fix Google Analytics issues

Poor configuration of Google Analytics is surprisingly common, as it’s so easy to install just by dropping a javascript snippet on a website. There are a number of issues that are usually missed from excluding spam traffic to duplicate pageviews caused by upper case characters in URLs.

Equally, there are a number of Google Analytics features that are under utilised but provide excellent insights into a website’s performance. Site Search tracking for on site search, and advanced E-Commerce tracking for checkouts are examples of key features that provide great value to web analysts.

We identify all the problems with your Google Analytics installation with an audit and work with your web developers to implement and verify the fixes.

Google Tag Manager roll out

Google Tag Manager (GTM) has become a very popular way of rolling out Google Analytics on websites, but as it’s a new product it’s often misunderstood by marketers.

GTM provides a means to deploy tags from many different platforms on a website, without requiring developers to drop each tag individually.

We use GTM extensively to track user behaviour on websites, using tags and triggers to track conversion funnels and engagement. We’re well versed in using the GTM Data Layer, and work with developers to roll out custom JavaScript for tracking these actions.

Conversion and Event tracking

Conversions are typically sales or leads (e.g. phone call, online form) on a website. Setting up accurate goal conversion tracking is a fundamental part of a well structured analytics installation. Beyond traffic, time of site, pages per session and bounce rate – conversions represent tangible value for online businesses.

Where conversions are of a low volume, we set up micro-conversion tracking (Events in Google Analytics) to identify engaged users that might be at an early stage in the purchase process.

We are also very keen “funnellers” – and identify the points at which users drop out of a lead generation funnel such as an E-Commerce checkout. We work with web designers and developers to rectify these issues and optimise website conversion rates.

Clear, concise reporting with Google Data Studio

We know web analytics reports are noisy, boring and full of conflicting messages. This frustrates marketers because they know they need to be making data-driven decisions but the amount of data available can be overwhelming.

That’s why Web Method are early adopters of Google Data Studio, which is a free Google platform for beautiful reporting on data pulled from a number of sources.

In Data Studio, we can combine data from Google Search Console for SEO, data from Google AdWords Management, Analytics and from spreadsheets and databases into beautiful reports.

Our clients love these custom dashboards as it cuts the data reporting noise to give them the insights that they need to grow their business.

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