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4 Reasons Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

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4 Reasons Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

Flickr: Kevin Jaako / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jaako
Flickr: Kevin Jaako (Jaako) / Creative Commons

If your customers aren’t engaging with your content on Social Media, in comments or linking to it by choice, then you’re probably making one of these 4 Content Marketing mistakes.

1. Not listening to customers

If content is produced without any insights into what your customers want, then the chances of success are very slim. Business owners and brands will have a good grasp of their customer base through instinct and experience. But, to produce quality content the customer’s interests, needs, questions and desires first need to be researched and understood. In addition, any existing content produced by other websites should be analysed using a tool like BuzzSumo to make sure that you’re producing something better, or unique.

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2. Producing cheap content and building cheap links for SEO

If your agency is producing content cheaply and then building links to it from other websites then there’s a risk they’re violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (link schemes). This means that your whole website might be penalised by Google. Links should only be sought from genuinely authoritative websites, and if the content is of value then the chances of this happening are far greater.

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3. Only sharing content through Social Media

After creating a high quality piece of content, it should be shared as widely as possible. Sharing through Social Media is important, as is through Email Marketing. Many E-Commerce businesses first need to adapt their Email Marketing strategy to incorporate content alongside products. There are also opportunities in using distribution networks such as Outbrain to appeal to a wider range of potential customers.

4. Believing that an industry is “too boring” for content

Whether someone is buying a designer pair of shoes or a U-bend for the kitchen sink, they will make a series of decisions along their purchasing journey. These decision points are key areas to capitalise on with Content Marketing. Focusing on the questions, issues and needs of the customer along this purchasing journey means that you can produce content that is truly of use which will directly improve your sales. If a brand educates, informs and delights their customers with content then they are surely on the path to greatness.

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