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The Rise of E-Commerce

E-Commerce was the fastest growing retail market in Europe in 2015, as brands played catch up with consumer behaviour and demand. Consumers are drawn to the convenience and low prices of online shopping, made accessible through multiple devices at any time of the day.

The growth of paid and organic marketing platforms – such as Google SEO/AdWords – are more capable than ever of directing engaged consumers to a website prepared to make a purchase. Fast internet speeds, secure payment providers and advances in Usability (UX) have made browsing and purchasing easy and convenient.

In the past, E-Commerce would be the small arm of a retailer but now it increasingly forms the central part of any retail strategy and this is how Web Method’s E-Commerce Consultancy can help.

Delivering E-Commerce Strategy

In trying to deliver an effective E-Commerce strategy, many brands rush out and pay a large amount of money for a custom website on a platform such as Magento. The marketing of the website comes further down the line and is too often an afterthought. The old adage “build it and they will come”  couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to E-Commerce. The industry is highly competitive & fast-moving, so in order to grow brands need to to be very clear on what they want to achieve and to appeal to the right consumers.

There are a vast number of options for marketing a website, and brands often spend money trying to drive sales through channels which simply aren’t relevant to their business goals.

A good strategy starts with one or more goals, and a mechanism to measure performance – usually website analytics. Are you looking to increase Revenue? Profit? Transactions? Awareness?. This decision will shape the marketing channels that are selected, and where the marketing budget should be invested to deliver on these goals.

Our E-Commerce Services

Web Method offer a range of E-Commerce services, because often the different technologies and skills are linked. To be successful in one area, you need to have a much broader understanding in order to make the right decisions.

For example, you can produce the best content for your website but if it isn’t distributed properly or if the website isn’t in a good technical SEO state then you’re not going to meet your SEO potential.

Similarly, you can run your own AdWords campaign at a seemingly low cost but if your campaign and website aren’t structured properly then your costs will be significantly inflated and it can be a false economy.

E-Commerce is a rapidly growing industry that is flooded with new, frequently advancing technologies. This makes it an exciting space to be working in, but it’s a huge challenge for business owners without a great deal of digital expertise to be successful.

Web Method will make sense of this complex digital landscape and focus on a simple but effective strategy for your business. We’ll save you money by highlighting the areas in which you’re not making money and advise you on the best investments to make based on your budget.

We provide one-off, fixed price digital marketing audits for E-Commerce websites – which are a plain-speaking way for business owners to understand the challenges faced and how best to grow online.

For more information, or for a free, confidential chat on how we may be able to help your business please contact us.

E-Commerce Projects

  • Client Profile: Invisibra

    Invisibra is a London-based designer and creator of highly rated & innovative backless bras and other womens' lingerie. We performed an extensive audit of Invisibra's digital properties, highlighting issues and opportunities for growth.
  • Client Profile: Bouncepad

    Bouncepad design, create and sell innovative, stylish and high-quality secure enclosures for tablets in commercial spaces. Our Ecommerce consultants performed extensive analysis of their digital marketing and website performance, producing recommendations to accelerate business growth.
  • Client Profile: DCYFR

    DCYFR are a digital marketing & data strategy start-up based in London UK. At the forefront of predictive marketing and predictive analytics, their products and technology intelligently inform ECommerce brands on how to spend digital marketing budget.
  • Client Profile: Kinoko

    Kinoko is an ECommerce business comprised of two hard-to-find fashion brands - Kinoko and Tokyo Fixed. Web Method provide specialist ECommerce consultancy services to improve the performance of the Kinoko website.
  • Client Profile: Full English

    Full English are a website development agency that build award-winning, responsive ECommerce websites on Magento - the world's most popular web platform.
  • Client Profile: Paperstone

    Paperstone are an online office supplies E-Commerce retailer founded in 2004 and based in Tunbridge Wells. They sell over 20,000 products via their website and are continually focused on increasing traffic and conversion rate to drive business value.
  • Client Profile: Crew á la Mode

    Crew á la Mode is a yacht clothing consultancy with a showroom in London. Producing bespoke designs for crew uniforms, their website is an online portfolio of their work. We provided an online marketing consultancy for Crew á la Mode, covering website content, SEO, Google AdWords and Website Analytics.
  • Kumi Japanese Art & Verso Urban Art

    Contemporary art E-Commerce websites