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Digital Training

We Train & Support Our Clients’ Digital Marketing Teams

A typical engagement for Web Method is that we are approached by an E-Commerce brand, or business with an online presence that requires assistance with their website and marketing. This might be caused for a number of reasons, for example:

  • Breakdown in a digital agency relationship leaving a skills gap
  • Key personnel leaving the marketing team
  • Rapid expansion of a website or business without the structure in place to manage the growth
  • Change in digital marketing strategy, for example targeting a new marketing channel
  • Website requires re-designing, re-platforming or both
  • Lack of a marketing budget spend strategy to accelerate future ECommerce growth
  • Issues with inbound digital marketing channels – e.g. loss of organic rankings


Whether it be a short term or ongoing engagement, in every case we provide some level of training to the clients. This is necessary in order for them to be able understand our insights and recommendations to get the most value from our consultancy. Occasionally we are requested specifically to provide structured training to an internal team. This might involve SEO (Content or Technical), PPC management and optimisation, project management, digital strategy: budgeting and planning.

Digital Marketing Training Projects


  • Client Profile: CLG Enterprises

    CLG Enterprises are a buildings and property maintenance contractor based in London. We performed a brand refresh by updating their logo, redesigning their website and developing it on Wordpress.
  • Client (Charity) Profile: Brockley Society

    Brockley Society are a small charity based in South-East London and founded in 1974. They preserve the culture and heritage of the Brockley and SE4 area as well as organising events for the local community.
  • Nesta

    Innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations to bring great ideas to life