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Client Profile: DCYFR

predictive marketing and analytics

Overview: Predictive Marketing & Predictive Analytics

If marketers could predict the future then digital budgets would be spent more wisely, and they would probably be much smaller as a result. Anyone who uses paid online advertising platforms including Google Adwords, specialist display networks or Social Media should be constantly optimising their spend based on the outcome. If bidding on particular keywords, or promoting certain types of content drives qualified leads or conversions for a brand then it’s reasonable to invest more money in them.

But what if you didn’t have to invest in marketing to establish if it gave you a return or not?

This is the science behind predictive marketing: whereby complex, statistical analysis of past and future events can generate a probability that something will happen, occur or work. The strength of these probabilities can then inform where budget should be spent.

Our work with DCYFR

We work on an ongoing consultancy basis with the company and its predictive marketing products in the following areas:

Client Profile: DCYFR

DCYFR are a digital marketing & data strategy start-up based in London UK. At the forefront of predictive marketing and predictive analytics, their products and technology intelligently inform ECommerce brands on how to spend digital marketing budget.