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Client Profile: Demica

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Digital Marketing Audit & Strategy for a Global FinTech brand

About Demica

Demica provides global working capital solutions to banks & multinational corporations in 130 countries worth over $50bn a year. Their two main financial product offerings are Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and Trade Receivables Securitisation (TRS). These complex financial services improve working capital accessibility within the supply chain of banks & large corporations.

Founded in 2002, Demica has offices in London and San Francisco and their fintech platform is widely recognised as being world-leading in terms of technology innovation, reliability, value and expertise.

Challenges of Marketing a FinTech Business Online

Although “Fintech” is regarded as a single sector, there is a huge variety of businesses and technologies operating within it. From SAAS Accounting software packages for small businesses (e.g. Sage, Xero) up to enterprise-level solutions for managing working capital. Demand for FinTech products also varies wildly depending on the type of customer being targeted. Again, accounting software has a high search volume and high competition on Google AdWords which reflects the size and demand of the small business market. At the Enterprise end of the Financial Technology SASS market, the number of potential customers can be very small. Therefore reaching this limited number of decision-makers requires a varied strategy beyond standard Content Production, Outreach, SEO and AdWords.

As with advertising any product or service online, knowing who your decision makers are and how to reach them is key. Knowledge of the different stages of the marketing funnel and what messages to put in front of potential customers at the right time will improve sales performance.

Equally, the affordability of acquiring leads for FinTech products can be quite high. This could be advertising costs (e.g. high AdWords CPC) plus working to a long sales cycle (e.g. onboarding a multinational enterprise). Therefore having a sense of Customer Lifetime Value once a customer is acquired is very important to make sure that business profitability is maintained.

Wherever possible we start our analysis with reviewing existing website performance data – primarily from Google analytics.

Works Undertaken

We produced a comprehensive set of findings based on Demica’s individual requirements across the following areas:

  1. Digital Marketing Performance Audit
  2. Google Analytics configuration audit
  3. Forensic SCF and TRS Market and Sector Analysis
  4. Website Conversion Rate Analysis & Optimisation (Lead Generation)
  5. Google AdWords, Technical SEO & Content Audits

The output of our work with Demica is confidential – as is the case with all of our clients as standard.

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Client Profile: Demica

Demica are an advanced Fintech brand offering working capital solutions to enterprise clients. Our consultants performed extensive analysis of Demica’s digital marketing and website performance, producing recommendations to expand and accelerate digital growth.