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Client Profile: Invisibra


AdWords, Analytics & SEO Audits for a Stylish Fashion Brand

About Invisibra

Invisibra is based in London and designs and creates backless bras and other womens’ lingerie. Invisibra’s products are highly rated by fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan for being long lasting, comfortable and durable.

One of our large agency partners recommended Web Method’s consultants to E-Commerce Fashion Retailer Invisibra in Summer 2017.

E-Commerce Audit Process

After an initial introduction to Invisibra, we drew up proposals for auditing their Google Analytics, SEO performance and Google AdWords account. We’d recently overhauled our audit reports to make it easier for a company’s executive-level to understand and act on our recommendations more swiftly. Invisibra were the perfect candidate for the new audit reports as we were working directly with their General Manager and Co-Founder.

We worked with Invisibra closely throughout the audit process, and delivered the reports to them within a month. In a follow-up, face-to-face meeting we ran through all the findings and helped them prioritise the most important website fixes and AdWords & Analytics investments that needed to be made. At Invisibra’s discretion, these recommendations were then divided up between their development agency, their inhouse team and Web Method’s consultants.

E-Commerce Auditing Trends & Challenges

E-Commerce websites face very high levels of competition to enter and grow their online presence. The growth of marketplaces such as Amazon are just one part of an increasingly challenging E-Commerce landscape that we’ve written about before.

SEO for E-Commerce Auditing

E-Commerce retailers’ websites are particularly vulnerable to SEO issues for a number of reasons:

  • Historical toxic backlink building via Link Farms or Private Blog Networks (PBNs). This is impacted by Google Penguin.
  • Technical and structural issues caused by product list filters, search results URLs and incorrect use of bot crawl directives.
  • Keyword cannibalisation caused by similar content across product pages and product category pages
  • Product category page content not segmented well by topic or optimised based on keyword research
  • Website content, such as blogs is over-optimised for historical “black hat” SEO reasons. This falls foul of Google Panda.

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Google AdWords for E-Commerce Auditing

Google AdWords is a very popular choice for E-Commerce retailers as it allows granular keyword experimentation and testing of brand messages. In contrast to SEO, AdWords drives almost instant results.

The danger with AdWords is that it’s very easy for a layman to set up and run but not realise the pitfalls of where spend is being wasted. These are the sort of issues we tend to find with our AdWords audits for E-Commerce clients:

  • Misuse of keyword match types (Broad, Phrase, BMM & Exact) and negative keywords causing wasted spend
  • Poorly structured accounts are difficult to manage and grow
  • No regular testing of ad copy or general experimentation to drive paid performance improvements
  • Missing or broken conversion goal and revenue tracking
  • E-Commerce retailers not using Google Shopping (PLAs). The Shopping inventory takes up a huge percentage of advertising real estate on Google SERPs for commercial queries. Compared to Search campaigns, Shopping is generally easier to set up and manage.

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Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Auditing

Google Analytics is very easy to install and also makes it very easy for website owners to misconfigure and misinterpret the data. Here are some of the common issues we encounter with website Google Analytics set ups:

  • Analytics views often aren’t structured according to Google’s best practices. This means that valuable historical data is misrecorded or lost forever.
  • E-Commerce transaction tracking – standard or enhanced – can have problems when a checkout uses a 3rd party payment gateway such as PayPal Express.
  • Filters are regularly underused, meaning the quality and readability of Google Analytics data is affected negatively.
  • Often valuable Analytics features such as Content Groupings, Event Tracking and Site Search aren’t used or implemented properly. These features are relatively easy to set up and can really enhance the insights drawn from visitor behaviour on websites.

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Client Profile: Invisibra

Invisibra is a London-based designer and creator of highly rated & innovative backless bras and other womens’ lingerie. We performed an extensive audit of Invisibra’s digital properties, highlighting issues and opportunities for growth.