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Client Profile: Paperstone

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Paperstone Overview

Paperstone is an online office supplies retailer based in Tunbridge Wells, UK. They sell over 20,000 products via their website, which has won industry awards for E-Commerce and is widely recognised as being a leader in its field. Paperstone’s effective online presence is backed up by very strong customer services and sales teams over the phone. Resolving problems quickly and having expert product knowledge are similarly cornerstones of the business as a whole.

Achieving ECommerce Success in a Competitive Retail B2B Marketplace

Web Method work with Paperstone’s ECommerce team across a range of ECommerce, digital marketing and website design projects. Selling office products which are available on numerous websites – including Amazon – creates an interesting challenge for B2B E-Commerce retailers like Paperstone. We help them create an easy and memorable experience for their customers to make them want to come back.

A great ECommerce user experience doesn’t come overnight and requires ongoing split testing & experimentation to constantly drive improvements. Reducing frustration and distractions in website users are key aspects of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

We are heavily involved in Paperstone’s Website Analytics, Website Auditing and User Journey Analysis. We advising on website features for implementation, as well as wireframing and designing them for the in house development team to build.

Content Marketing for “boring industries”

We also provide content marketing, project management and Technical, SEO & ECommerce Consultancy services to Paperstone. Creating a memorable brand is a challenge when selling products such as office furniture, stationery and printer cartridges which customers don’t usually regard as being memorable.

That’s why Paperstone rely on Web Method’s London ECommerce consultants to create successful content pieces such as this infographic piece on mental health in the UK workplace which received over 200 social media shares and some high quality backlinks from authority websites such as Yahoo Lifestyle.

Client Profile: Paperstone

Paperstone are an online office supplies E-Commerce retailer founded in 2004 and based in Tunbridge Wells. They sell over 20,000 products via their website and are continually focused on increasing traffic and conversion rate to drive business value.