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1. What is a Digital Marketing & Website Audit?

Web Method’s digital marketing audits help brands analyse and evaluate their website, digital strategy and performance. We analyse business objectives and assess how well your current digital marketing strategy, investments and activities are delivering against them.

By performing sector and competitor analysis, we paint a clear picture of how visible your E-Commerce brand is, including how it is perceived, and positioned for future digital growth.

Our deep-dive analysis of your website will uncover architectural and other technical issues that are causing issues with Google rankings (SEO), User Journey and Google AdWords Quality Score.

By processing your Website Analytics, we’ll evaluate your digital marketing channel performance, and produce recommendations to improve E-Commerce sales, profitability and KPIs such as conversion rate on your website.

Our audits are a full picture consultation of your E-Commerce offering in plain English. We’ll advise you on the best investments to make in order to be able to achieve your business goals.

2. Why do I need a Website Audit?

It’s very easy for a brand’s digital marketing team to get stuck in the day to day delivery of projects and campaigns. Digital marketing roles are becoming more complex and multi-disciplined with an increased pressure on analysing data and assessing ROI.

Web Method’s E-Commerce Consultancy will provide insights into your website’s user journey,  audit its technical SEO architecture and website analytics so that your design and development budget is spent wisely.

A.  Get value from your Digital Investments

Many digital marketers come from creative backgrounds and their skills are strongly suited towards planning and executing on marketing campaigns. The analytical side of marketing is just as important as the delivery. Marketing exists to deliver value to companies. If this value can’t be measured, then budgets become guesswork and investments are made based on instinct and not what actually works.

If you were given £1M to invest in your company’s website and online marketing, would you know how and where to invest it?

B.  Stay ahead of the competition

digital marketing audit industry sector

One of the most exciting aspects of selling online is that anyone can create a half-decent E-Commerce website and sell products or services at a very low cost. This makes the environment very competitive as price-savvy consumers can shop around for comparative products.

If a large competitor entered your market and started selling products 30% cheaper than you, would your brand survive?

C. Website Performance

Building and maintaining a website is the most important investment that an E-Commerce business makes. Just making small optimisations to text, colours, positioning of elements and user journey can have a significant impact on online sales.

Knowing where to make these changes and how to measure them is something that comes with a combination of UX experience, and website analytics.

Your website also conceals a lot from you. Incorrect technical configurations can badly damage Google rankings without any perceivable impact on users.

3. What’s the Digital Marketing Audit process?

We always adapt our digital marketing audit process to meet the client’s needs. Sometimes there are areas which don’t need to be covered, and sometimes we might provide deeper analysis into a particular area. Putting customisations aside, the high level process looks like this:

A. Brand & Persona Exploration

We’ll develop a clear understanding of your brand and objectives in order to create a relevant and engaging customer experience that delivers on business and digital marketing goals.

  1. Understanding & Developing personas
  2. Clear distinction of brand USPs
  3. Clear distinction of direct competitors to be used for competitive analysis
  4. Identifying website KPIs from business goals
  5. Identifying marketing channel performance and investment goals


B. Website Audit

web method e-commerce website architecture crawl
We use a range of SEO audit tools and manual processes to take a forensic look at the on site performance and user experience. We generate a prioritised list of technical, content and usability actions to be completed to improve the website experience for users and Google’s crawler (for SEO).

B.1 Technical Analysis

Many websites suffer from technical issues that aren’t always visible to users, but are visible to Google’s crawler. We identify and explain these problems in detail so that they can be resolved by website developers or a website manager. Examples include:

  1. Site speed – hosting and coding issues
  2. Page and downloading errors
  3. Architectural issues
  4. Detect issues that are causing problems with Google rankings
  5. Cross-device performance (i.e. mobile, tablet and desktop)
  6. Cross-browser performance
  7. Google Analytics setup and configuration

googlebot google search console pages crawled per day

B.2 Usability Analysis & Conversion Rate Optimisation

The user experience of a website significantly affects conversion rate and the ROI of any marketing investment.

User Journey Analysis

We run in-depth tests for common user journey scenarios identified at the brand exploration stage. By analysing the results of these tests, we’ll present the most significant problems with your website’s user journey from arriving at the website to placing an order.

Google Analytics Analysis

web method audit google analytics
We look at user journey metrics using Google Analytics. We identify problematic stages of the user journey that are affecting Conversion Rate and prioritise recommendations for improving KPIs.

B.3 Content & Messaging

The content on a website significantly influences almost every digital KPI. It impacts SEO traffic as Google uses content to determine contextual topic relevance before ranking a website in search results. Content is also integral in supporting the user journey through to conversion, such as answering common questions for visitors before they make a purchasing decision.

We use the persona output from the brand exploration stage, combined with the user journey analysis to recommend content pieces to be created.

The purpose of the content will be to both attract users to the website Google (SEO), and assist them in converting.

C. Marketing & Competitive Analysis

Delivering successful marketing campaigns requires benchmarking of current website performance, knowledge of the vertical and a set of marketing and business goals.
digital marketing audit competitor keywords and traffic index

This process begins with the benchmarking of current marketing performance across active marketing channels using Google Analytics & Auditing Google Adwords. We’ll also use competitive analysis & research to establish where competitors are investing as an indication of a best practice approach for the vertical:

  1. Identifying & benchmarking KPIs and qualitative business & marketing goals
  2. Google Analytics Audit – Benchmark inbound marketing channel performance
  3. Researching and identifying key marketing channels for acquisition/retention e.g.
    1. Affiliates
    2. SEO
    3. Social Media
    4. Adwords
    5. Email
    6. Other Display Networks
  4. Adwords (PPC) performance analysis and recommendations
  5. SEO performance analysis and recommendations

C.1 SEO: Offsite Analysis & Keyword Research

Successful SEO performance is dependent on website technical health, relevant content (both covered above) and links. We’ll analyse your website’s inbound link profile to identify bad links possibly harming SEO performance, as well as looking at competitors to establish link opportunities through outreach and content marketing campaigns.

We’ll look at visibility in organic search results against sets of relevant keywords and suggest campaign strategies to improve SEO performance.

C.2 Google Adwords: Optimisation & Recommendations

We’ll perform an audit of your Google Adwords account to suggest optimisations.

4. How much does an audit for my E-Commerce site cost?

Your initial consultation is free, and we use this time to fact-find about the size of the audit project before providing you with a quote.

Our basic pricing starts at £500 +VAT which provides a high level channel & website performance overview and custom insights.

Our pricing is upfront & transparent and based on our past experience, we’re confident we deliver great value to E-Commerce brands.

Further work is charged based on the size of your E-Commerce business and the depth of investigation you need to deliver actionable recommendations.

Analysing the marketing performance and user journey for a site of 100 pages is going to take far less time than a site of 10,000 pages. Similarly a website with 10K visitors per day is going to require much deeper marketing channel analysis than a website receiving 500 visitors a day.

You might have come across agencies or consultants offering free website audits. If you’re requesting free marketing advice from a digital marketing agency, then their recommendations will be biased to generate themselves future work.

Also these free reports are often generated by low cost services such as Moz or RavenTools with the click of a button and provide very little analytical insight into the industry or depth of issues with your website.

Our advice is completely independent, and our high quality digital audits will help you form the digital strategy to be able to deliver on your business goals. Web Method specialise in digital marketing audits and although we use some automation to provide audit insights, every recommendation is assessed and written by hand.

If you want Web Method’s ongoing support to deliver on our recommendations then this would be handled as a separate piece of work.

5. What does the output of a Digital Marketing Audit Report look like?

We will produce a PDF document, usually around 30-50 pages plus appendices. We’ll include an executive summary for ease of presenting and reference. This is almost always supported by one or more spreadsheets for presenting analytics and marketing data such as keywords.

6. What types of Digital Marketing Audit are available?

We can adapt the audit to your needs. If your website isn’t E-Commerce for example then there’s no need to look at sales. in this case we might spend more time looking at SEO or Website User Journey. See how the audit process works.

7. How does Web Method’s audit differ from its competitors?

As mentioned above, our audits are completely independent, high quality pieces of research and analysis customised to your E-Commerce business.

The reason why Web Method’s audits are more valuable than our competitors is that we combine a deep technical understanding of the web with business and digital marketing acumen.

Other agencies will typically focus on a particular channel or discipline, such as SEO or Adwords, or Web Design or Development. Their audits will be tailored to their specialism, which is understandable, but it’s not entirely useful for an E-Commerce brand that is trying to decide how to spend a digital budget.

Auditing E-Commerce businesses requires a good grasp of numbers and logic for the financials and analytics, as well as being technically adept and able to offer strategic insights.

This is at the core of Web Method’s offering.

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