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Google Partner AdWords Management

Keyword research, best practice builds and optimisations will make your AdWords campaigns fly.

Audit existing AdWords performance

Even with the best intentions, AdWords performance will fall away without regular testing and optimisation. We regularly audit AdWords accounts that have been poorly managed over time and have grown problematic.

Advertisers often pay over the odds for CPCs and don’t add negative keywords on Search campaigns to optimise for leads or sales. We’ll identify under-utilised Ad Extensions (e.g. Sitelinks, Price Extensions) and perform extensive historical analysis of keyword performance.

For more information on the auditing process, you can read our extensive guide on AdWords account auditing.

Keyword & Competitor Research

When performed correctly and thoroughly, keyword and competitor research is the foundation of any effective AdWords campaign build. We follow a very similar process for our Organic Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Identifying where competitors are spending advertising costs informs the level of budget required to compete with them on keywords. It also provides key information on their ad copy and messaging that’s likely driving their sales.

Keyword research is closely linked to the content on the website being advertised. We use Google Keyword Planner and a range of other tools to identify keywords that your customers are searching. We also regularly experiment with Broad Match Modifier (BMM) keywords to capture long tail queries (see our long tail AdWords case study).

Creating AdWords strategy that sets you apart from the competition

AdWords itself is divided into different campaign types e.g. Search, Display, Shopping and YouTube. Each has a different purpose and might be relevant depending on your marketing goals.

For driving conversions, Search advertising – and keyword bidding is undoubtedly the most effective AdWords campaign type. When going toe to toe with your competitors, we’ll creative inventive and engaging ad copy that makes you stand out.

We’ll also advise on your PPC landing pages content and analytics tracking to drive as many conversions as possible.

Test, optimise, test, optimise… and so on

Google AdWords is a powerful platform that provides a wealth of information and controls for optimising advertisers’ bidding strategy. It’s important to plan and execute tests on ad copy, keywords, ad extensions as well as applying bid modifiers to optimise for times of the day and devices.

If mobile devices aren’t converting on your website, we’ll cut the spend to save your budget. If Wednesdays are a key conversion time, we’ll boost the spend to give you as many sales as possible.

Simple AdWords dashboards, customised for you

Part of AdWord’s complexity is the overwhelming amount of data it provides advertisers. We get around this by building customised dashboards in Google Data Studio that only show the data that matters to our clients.

We keep any distracting detail of campaign builds and optimisations away from our clients and show them the numbers that will drive their business growth. This allows them to focus on other areas of their business while having complete transparency into the value that we are delivering their business.

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