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We use state of the art tools to audit, monitor and improve SEO performance for websites.

Forensic SEO Audits

We’re very experienced at website and marketing audits and SEO performance is a key part of this. We use enterprise-scale tools to look at a website’s Organic Search performance and we don’t scrimp on making sure we have all the information available to us.

We look at site architecture and crawlability and mimic how Google sees your website when GoogleBot visits it. We also look at competitors in the same way to identify what’s working for them and take these opportunities for your website.

When auditing a website’s SEO, historical performance is very important as it can identify Google penalties that have impacted rankings. We’ll pore over your backlinks, Analytics and Google Search Console to find and prioritise issues so that you can fix your performance as quickly as possible.

Optimising website architecture and content

Keywords, backlinks and content are at the heart of SEO performance. We regularly see keyword cannibalisation issues on websites where two or more pages are optimised for the same keywords. This means that none of the pages rank particularly well.

This is often the case with E-Commerce websites that have many similar products and category pages. We’ll look at your website structure and content holistically, picking off the low hanging fruit such as improving page titles, meta descriptions and page headings.

As we get deeper into keyword research, we’ll be able to recommend changes to the website structure to improve crawlability and relevance to target keywords to improve rankings.

Migrating websites without losing organic traffic

Website redesigns and migrations – such as to SSL – are a regular cause for a drop in a website’s SEO performance. Broken pages, lost backlinks and valuable content removed are just some of the symptoms of a poor website migration for SEO.

Involving Web Method at an early stage means we can map out an implementation plan from the old to the new website which is Google-friendly.

If the horse has already bolted, and your website migration has gone badly wrong then we can step in to rectify the problems. We’ll work out which pages were lost, or changed that has caused the dip in organic traffic and will work with you to return them to their former glory.

If the problem is particularly bad, we can set up Google AdWords campaigns to fill a temporary loss of SEO traffic while the site is fixed and rankings return.

Good content follows keyword research

We’re very thorough at keyword research as we use it for creating Google AdWords campaigns. The same is true for choosing organic keywords to target.

Keywords need to have high enough volume to be worth targeting, but not be so competitive that it will take a long time to rank in Google.

They also need to be relevant to the customers you are targeting. For example, a luxury product E-Commerce business won’t want to target “cheap” or “value” variations of their product searches as this traffic is very unlikely to convert.

Once keywords, or keyword topics have been chosen there needs to be a phase of competitor and sector content analysis to identify engaged topics. This is so higher quality content can be produced than what exists already, but that is suitably unique and engaging for potential customers.

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